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1ST PLACE: Cape Cod Commercial Linen Service/E.J. Jaxtimer Builder

2ND PLACE: Cape Cod Aggregates
3RD PLACE: Shepley/Andersen


Join local businesses and individuals in this fast-paced annual event featuring Formula One European style racing karts provided by F1 Boston.

Race for four hours on a ¼ mile track around corners and under a footbridge in this exciting endurance race held at Mashpee Commons. Each kart team has six drivers, with sponsors choosing their own team. Both racing and non-racing sponsorships are available.

Over $5 million has been raised since the race began in 2001. All proceeds of the event are donated to The Cape Cod Foundation, which distributes 100% of each year's funds to the designated beneficiaries chosen for the year.

The Seaside Le Mans is a chance to help the community and have a great time in the process. If you would like information about sponsorship for the race please contact Kelsey Ellis or DeWitt Davenport at 508-398-2293. 

The race is free for spectators and there is also entertainment, children's activities and of course, all of the fabulous shops and restaurants at Mashpee Commons. Come and make a day of it!

"We were thrilled to participate in the Seaside Le Mans, not just from the competitive angle, but to be a part of an event that brings charitable giving right to the community for all to see."
-Tony Shepley, Shepley Wood Products (Sponsor 2001-2016

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